According to FOWC specifications each Kennel Club has to confirm:

  1. The person responsible for the entries from that country;
  2. The names of the teams that will compete as well as the names of their clubs..

This first confirmation has to be received by the organizing committee SIX months prior to 2022/05/28.  The exact number of teams that each country can select will only be final on November 28th, 2021.

For each club a username/password will be issued so that team(s) can be registered on the website:

THREE months prior to the FOWC the entry fee of € 200 per team has to be paid in full into the account of FOWC, IBAN: BE42 7360 5881 9854, BIC: KREDBEBB.

The full team details of each team have to be entered no later than one month prior to FOWC.   Upon registry one month in advance a seed time should be informed, that should be the fastest time of the entering team the last three competitions during the previous two years (considering the past Covid-period.  It is assumed that all entered teams have officially competed in the same composition earlier.

Team composition may be altered until one day prior to the tournament at noon local time.

Entry forms (hard copy) will not be available as all entries have to be registered online.

Tournament deadlines – based on CET – Central European Time (GMT+1)

2022/02/27 at 23:59Entry fee paid by bank- or wire transfer into the account of Flyballdogs vzw
2022/04/27 at 23:59Online entry of teams on:
2022/05/27 at 12:00Final closure for registration