In 2018 Victor van Spijk was already with us as a line judge and a member of the organizing group of the FOWC.  He started playing flyball in the Netherlands more than 20 years ago with a team “The Luxaflexjes” with whom he participated in several competitions like the EFC in 2000. 

In 2003 he was a member of the organizing committee of the EFC in the Netherlands.   He started his judging career as early as 2000 as a line judge and in 2003 he passed his exam for head judge. 

It took the Dutch Kennelclub until 2005 before they appointed him as an official judge. He was a member of the Dutch Flyball Commission from 2004 till 2015.  At the same time his interest led him to the USA, where he visited teams in Texas to learn about training techniques. 

In 2009 he organized a demonstration and workshops in Norway that lead to the expansion of this sport into northern Europe.  Since the Kennel Club of The Netherlands nowadays mainly focuses on the old sling style boxes, Victor has been judging FCI competitions in Belgium, where he is an appreciated head judge.  

With Victor we have very much experience in the ring as well as a man that has always be a good friend of the FCI flyball competition in Belgium.