Milena (Mila) Vrbová

Mila Vrbová was born and raised in Prague in the Czech Republic.  She got her first dog, a beagle, in 1992.  In 1995 she saw agility for the first time in her life and fell immediately in love with this sport.  Eventually, she became part of the Czech National Agility Team with her Poodle.  Until today she still competes in agility, but just for the fun of it.  Although not yet very popular or known in her country at that time in 2002 she tried flyball.  Her team Hop Trop Prague participated in 2003 at the EFC in the Netherlands, back then this was an important milestone for the Czech

Flyball.  The Czech Flyball Club (the official Czech representative for the Czech Kennelclub) was founded in autumn 2003 and Mila has been a member of its committee until 2009 and a head judge since then.  She is mainly responsible for the teaching of flyball judges and in part for writing the Czech flyball regulations however what she loves most is training flyball dogs and competing in this lovely sport.  With her Hop Trop Prague team, she has won the Czech Flyball Championships and the Czech Flyball Cup several times.

In 2016 Mila became a member of the FCI Flyball Commission where from the start she has been one of the driving forces.  In this function, she got the chance to participate in key documents like the FCI flyball regulations and the FOWC specifications. 

The organization of the FOWC is very proud that it can present you this amazing judge from the Czech Republic.