With Saskia Leiss we present to you an experienced judge from Germany.  Do not be fooled by her young age, Saskia has won her spurs on the flyball field over the years.  She started in 2007 her flyball career with the German Flyball Team ‘The Hobbits’ and already participated with her Jack Russel Leni in 2008 at the EFC in the Czech Republic. 

In 2009 she started in the judges training in her native Germany and first operated as a line judge.  She won in 2015 the VDH German Flyball Championships with her team. She was a line judge during several international tournaments over the past 10 years.

She followed several courses over these years, and since 2016 she was appointed as official VDH Flyball Main Judge. Since then she judged a large number of German official tournaments and she was selected the official chairperson for Flyball of the regional German VDH board. 

In 2018 Saskia acted as an instructor at a German line judge seminar and was the official at the German VDH Line Judge Examination.  That summer she acted as Main Judge for the European Flyball Championship in Poland. 

For private reasons she relocated in September 2018 and found another team ’16 Paws of Power’.  She was member of the organization committee of the EFC in Germany in 2019, where she acted as Main Judge as well.  So, in 2022, Saskia will judge for the third time at a world class flyball event.