We have a special activity planned for all participants and supporters present at the FOWC on Thursday May 26th in the evening. They will be presented with a free lecture titled: “From Puppy to Top Athlete, condition building the responsible way” by the CCFT K9 Fitness trainer Inge Dillen. Inge is a Belgian Canine Certified Fitness Trainer, (CCFT).

In this lecture “From Puppy to Top Athlete, condition building the responsible way” she will give you some insights in the way the bodies of our puppy’s grow and the impact of exercise and training on that still growing body. You will not go home with protocols and exercise schemes but we do hope that you will go home with some knowledge that enables you to speak on behalf of or advocate for your own young dog.

Below are a few topics that Inge will cover:

  • How does a body “grow”?
  • What is the impact of exercise on a growing body?
  • What is the impact of neutering on growth?
  • What type of exercise needs to be avoided with the young dog?
  • What type of exercise is beneficial to the growing dog?
  • Body awareness, the number one focus point in the training of a young dog;
  • Muscle memory? What is its importance and why do we need to keep it in the back of our mind during the training of our young athletes?

Who is CCFT certified K9 Fitness trainer Inge Dillen?

In 1991 she got her degree as DVM, a doctor in veterinary medicine. She worked as a trainer for the Belgian association for seeing-eye dogs and not only started teaching classes to dog professionals on dog behavior but courses in First Aid for dogs as well. Since her first border collie introduced her to agility, her passion for dogs in performance sports has never left her. In 2013 she got infected with a new passion, K9-fitness! One year later she started as a K9-Fitness trainer and in 2018 she got her CCFT certification. She combines her knowledge of top sport with her passion for dogs. What makes her a great K9-fitness trainer is her veterinary medical background together with her interest in dog performance sports. Since 2019 this is her fulltime profession in which she helped a lot of sport dogs getting to the top of their game or getting back on track in performance sports after injuries. She helps prepare the dogs for the physical and mental challenges in today’s dog performance sports.

One would say she is Belgium’s top dog reference regarding K9-fitness training.

This lecture is free of any charge.  We only ask you to confirm your presence in advance by completing this only entry form.

Place to be : Grote Hofzaal – De Soeverein – Lommel

Thursday May 26th  at 19:00 h